Manuchar manages an exhaustive range of products that are benefited by a unique service in the supply chain. We deliver the materials you need under appropriate and competitive conditions. Our experience with the products allows us to reduce delivery times, and, in addition, we are able to provide added value thanks to adequate financing and administration.

Basic Chemicals

Products obtained from natural sources that are consumed by most of the industry to obtain processed products. Inorganic Chemicals.

Food and Feed

Colorants            Sweeteners

Preservatives    Antioxidants

Stabilisers         Flavour Enhancers


Thanks to its versatility, paper has many applications and is used for a variety of purposes, which is why it is essential to the national industry.

Water Treatment

This comprises all physical, chemical, physicochemical or biological operations aimed at eliminating or reducing the undesirable characteristics of the water.

Home Care and Detergents

Chemicals are used in homes to cover various needs, and most of these products make the performance of housework easier.

Glass and Ceramics

Industries subject to notable technological changes and modernisations which require all kinds of products for their operations.

Paints and Coatings

The paints and coatings industry encompasses the manufacture of paints, varnishes, lacquers, sealants, enamels, glass frit, insulators and other coatings, as well as the economic activities dedicated to the production of thinner and paint and varnish removers.


Mining is an industrial sector with a strategic role in national development.

It is also one of the economic activities with the greatest tradition in Mexico.


The chemicals used in the agricultural sector have played a very important role in the improvement of its productivity.


The textile industry is the industrial sector of the economy dedicated to the production of fibers – natural fiber and synthetic -, yarn, fabrics and products related to the confection of clothes.

Steel, Construction & Minerals

In many regions of the world, steel is of great importance for the dynamics of the population, industry and trade. It has many applications for the construction industry.

Specialty Chemicals

Chemical products with specific features for their end use.

They are obtained from the intermediates by chemical processing industry.

Personal Care

Products for the cosmetic industry and personal hygiene products.