Ammonium sulfate is a salt whose formula is NH4 * 2SO4, its color is white with crystalline appearance, is one of the first and most widely used nitrogen fertilizer for crop production, is rich in nitrogen and sulfur. Its high solubility provides versatility for a large number of agricultural applications.

Technical data


  • Agriculture:
    It is used both for fertigation and for direct application to the soil by vegetable growers.
    Pesticides, as adjuvant.
  • Chemical industry:
    It serves as a raw material for the production of hydrogen peroxide, ammonium alum and ammonium chloride, and minor ingredient of ammonium persulfate and lysine.
  • Metallurgy:
    As a welding agent.
  • Textile:
    Flame retardant
  • Electroplating:
    As an additive in plating baths.
  • Pigments and coatings:
    As a dye aid in acid dyes.

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