Copper sulfate, also called cupric sulfate (CuSO4), blue vitriol, blue sand, blue stone, blue caparrosa, Roman vitriol or calcantite is a chemical derivative of copper that forms water-soluble, water-soluble blue crystals of methanol and slightly soluble in alcohol And glycerin.

Mineral nutritional supplement that provides copper and sulfur. In plant nutrition, it promotes the generation of enzymes. In cattle it reduces anemia, favors regulation of metabolism and is effective in the treatment of diseases caused by fungi.

Technical data


  • Agriculture:
    Correction of copper deficiency in soils.
    Algicide for watering rafts.
    Nutritional complement in feeding of farm animals.
    Stimulant of growth for the fattening of pigs and farm chickens.
    Disinfectant and preventive of bacteria in farm animals.
    Antiseptic and germicide in fungal infections.
  • Water treatment:
    Control of algae in ponds, reservoirs and swimming pools.
  • Mining:
    Collection by Flotation of Lead, Zinc and Cobalt.
  • Pharmaceutical industry:
    Micronutrient mineral and cupric catalyst in the production of pharmaceuticals as antimicrobial agents
    Pigments and Coatings:
    In the production of dyes and pigments.
  • Textile:
    Textile mordant.
  • Glass and Ceramics:
    In the production of glass, mirrors and ceramics.
  • Other apps:
    In the production of wood preservatives.
    Oil industry.
    In solution for galvanic baths.
    In the production of printed copper circuits. Electric batteries.
    Obtaining copper cathodes

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