It can be extracted from brines or sea water and is a great source of magnesium. It is a deliquescent salt, it absorbs relatively high amounts of water if it is exposed to the atmosphere, forming a liquid solution.

Technical data


  • Farming:
    As an additive for animal feed and in mixtures of fertilizers.
  • Construction:
    For magnesium oxychloride cements.
  • Chemical industry:
    It is used for the production of other compounds, especially magnesium salts.
    It is also used as a raw material for the manufacture of antifreeze agents.
  • Metallurgy:
    It is used as an adhesive in the production of fireproof materials.
    It is used as raw material for the production of agents of flow of barium and magnesium.
  • Textile:
    Textile treatments
  • Other apps:
    For drilling fluids.
    Stabilization of roads, ostensibly suppressing the emission of dust and also retains the moisture of the base forming a layer resistant to the rolling of vehicles and heavy machinery.

Delivery options

25kg Bag