Phosphonitrate is a fertilizer that brings nitrogen to crops, is a fertilizer highly appreciated by farmers because it contains a balance of Ammoniac Nitrogen (NH4) and Nitric Nitrogen (NO3).

Technical data


  • Farming:
    Employee as a fertillizer
    • It can be applied directly to the soil manually or mechanically.
    • Suitable for direct application, either starter or bottom, in crops
    such as maize, beans, wheat, sorghum and pasture.
    • Nitrogen and Sulfur contents influence the growth and development of the root,
    stem, foliage and fruit of the plant. The amount applied must be based on an analysis of
    soil as well as the recommendation of the agronomist.
    • Ideal as a source of Nitrogen in fertigation systems due to their high availability
    by containing the two forms in which the plant takes the Nitrogen (NH4 and NO3), and its high solubility.