Sodium nitrate

Transparent odorless crystals, saline, slightly bitter, non-flammable, hygroscopic, oxidizing, soluble in water and glycerol, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Technical data

Glass and Ceramics:
It is used in the manufacture of medium and high quality glass, such as artistic glass, optical glass, light bulbs, flat glass, glass containers.
In the manufacture of ceramic coatings for ceramics, tiles, sanitary ware, enamelled articles etc.
Food industry:
In the manufacture of cheeses, kitchens and sausages in general.
In the bleaching of textiles with sodium chlorate to control the formation of chlorine dioxide.
Chemical industry:
In the formulation of water-soluble adhesives, especially starch-based products (adhesives) for wall papers or envelopes. Mixed with sodium hydroxide for the formulation of products to uncover plumbing.
Other apps:
As a heat transfer salt for the treatment of metal parts. In the manufacture of charcoal briquettes for heating or meat to the fathoms. In lead refining. In the refining of anodic muds for the production of doré metal (alloy of precious metals).

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