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Ammonium bifluoride

Inorganic compound produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride.

Ammonium bifluoride

It is an inorganic compound, in the form of white crystals with an acrid odor. It is used for polishing, etching and grinding of glass.

Barium Carbonate

White or greyish powder, odorless, soluble in organic acids. Used for the production of barium compounds, optical glasses and fine glassware.

Fused alumina

It is a white or brown crystalline form of aluminum oxide with high hardness and density, contains lower concentrations of titanium, iron and chromium.

Potassium Carbonate

White or almost white granular powder, hygroscopic, soluble in water. It is normally used for the manufacture of soap and glass.

Silica Sand

It is a solid compound of silicon and oxygen, transparent (amorphous) or white to whitish yellow in its powder or sand form.