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Ammonium Chloride

Solid colorless-white, odorless and hygroscopic. Useful in the recovery of noble metals in mining, and with diverse applications in industry of food, chemical, metallurgical.


White crystals soluble in water. Useful in producing jewelery and polishing gemstones, it is also widely used in chemical industry, pesticides and fertilizers.

Lead Nitrate

It is a white or colorless crystal, belongs to the family of inorganic salts and is soluble in water. It is considered as a strong oxidizer.

Sodium Fluorosilicate

Solid crystalline slightly acid, white color with characteristic smell. It is used as solvent, insecticide, disinfectant, flux, among others.

Zinc sulfate

White crystalline powder, odorless, astringent, soluble in water. Serves as reagent in mining, paper bleach, clarifier, fertilizer.