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Clear liquid substance with a slightly sweet taste. It offers advantages such as humectant and hygroscopic agent. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, among others.

Mineral Oil

Liquid by-product of petroleum distillation, commonly used as a lubricant.

Myristic acid

It is a solid saturated fatty acid, white. It serves as a surfactant, cleaning, flatting and thickening agent.

Oleic acid

Monounsaturated fatty acid liquid, oily, colorless, used for development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, lubricant, among others.

Palmitic acid

White or colorless crystals, is a weak acid. It is widely used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and food products.

Salicylic acid

White odorless powder. Used as an analgesic and development of salicylates, cosmetics, foods, adhesives, toothpaste products, textile industry.

SLES (Sodium lauryl ether sulfate)

Viscous liquid with a slight yellowish color and characteristic odor that acts as detergent and surfactant, besides being humectant and emulsifier.

Stearic acid

Solid at room temperature, white and odorless. They have surfactant properties. Widely used in making candles, soaps and cosmetics.


Viscous liquid, transparent and with a slight yellowish color, has a slight ammoniacal odor.


Slightly yellow, hygroscopic and viscous liquid. It acts as surfactant, demulsifier, dispersant and neutralizing agent.


It is a cetostearyl alcohol with a light and characteristic odor of fatty acid.