Manuchar manages an exhaustive range of products that are benefited by a unique service in the supply chain. We deliver the materials you need under appropriate and competitive conditions. Our experience with the products allows us to reduce delivery times, and, in addition, we are able to provide added value thanks to adequate financing and administration.

My list

Alkest DE 6100

Thickener based on ethoxylates and esters in flaky shape at 25°C. Used in personal care formulations.

Alkest TW 20

Oily liquid, yellow or yellow-brown, soluble in water. It acts as a surfactant, nonionic emulsifier, useful in pharmacy and cosmetics.

Alkest TW 60

Non-ionic, hydrophilic active surfactant, soluble in water and in polar solvents. It acts as dispersing agent, humectant, viscosity modifier.

Alkest TW 80

Oily, yellow or yellow-brown liquid. It has protective and emollient action, humectant in drugs and cosmetics (detergents and conditioners).

Bisphenol A

White granular solid, soluble in organic solvents but poorly soluble in water.

Hydroxylammonium Sulfate

Colorless or white crystalline solid, it is a very hygroscopic compound.