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Actiallum Stan

Activator of surfaces, parts and aluminum parts


In its stable form is a blue-white metal. Mainly used in metal alloys and some of its compounds to give resistance against fire in paints, ceramics, enamels.

Barium Inoculant

Barium inoculants control cast iron properties and are used for long fade or solidification times.

Calcinated bauxite

Bauxite is an aluminum mineral and the main raw material for the manufacture of primary aluminum. It has a high alumina content and a low alkali content.


It is a mixture of limestone and clay calcined greyish with the property of hardening with water. It is mainly used in construction.

Iron grit

The steel grit is in the form of round or angular particles; Its chemical composition has a high percentage of carbon.

Sodium Lignosulfonate

Fine powder of brown color to a reddish hue, is a product used for the preparation of emulsions and dispersions.

Talco Mesh -325

White mineral, inert. It is used as fill in paper industry, paints, ceramics, rubber and plastic additives, cosmetics.


It is a silver metal, malleable, that does not oxidize easily with air and is resistant to corrosion. It is found in many alloys and is used to coat other metals by protecting them from corrosion.


High purity zinc ingot with corrosion protection properties.